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About Us

Located in Innisfil, Ontario, Gemini Legal Services is a Paralegal Firm serving clients in Simcoe County, York Region , Toronto, Peel and Muskoka District. Completely client oriented, the company goal is to provide legal services with advanced and progressive legal solutions. 

Our Business
As Licensed Paralegals, we have the drive and passion to make a difference in people’s lives.
We communicate and resolve issues for our clients effectively and expediently, trusting that our experiences will assist our clients to achieve their objectives.
Our belief is that our firm’s commitment will provide our clients with the utmost professionalism and the highest levels of representation
We provide cost effective services to the average consumer in the following areas:
  • Employment Matters - Human Rights (Wrongful Dismissal, Discrimination, Workplace Harassment), Human Resources Consulting (Employment Contracts, Policy and Procedure, Training)
  • Small Claims (Property Liability, Dog Liability, Contracts, Contractor Performance, Debt Collections).
  • Landlord Tenant Matters/Evictions

  • Provincial Offences (municipal bylaw and highway traffic)

  • Oath Commission/Affidavits
  • Process Serving......and More

Why Choose Gemini Legal Services?
Free 30 Minute Consultation
Flexible Hours

Trusted Professionals with many years of experience.
We focus on getting the results our customers desire.

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